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Across the New York CITY, We Are United in Our Dedication to Individual’s independece

Who We Are

Human service organization that offers a wide array of services to children, individuals, and families

Help On The Way is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that is committed to providing services and support to people with Intellectual and developmental disabilities living in New York City. Established on October 23, 2006, we are dedicated to assisting individuals in their quest to achieve the highest level of independence, inclusion, individuality and productivity both at home and in the community. 

Help On The Way was created out of the idea that each person has the potential for growth and personal development regardless of their disability. Further, we believe that each person is entitled to a meaningful life and should be empowered to pursue his/her life goals and aspirations.

Our Approach



On behalf of the Help On The Way (HOTW) Board of Directors and our dedicated staff members, welcome to our web site.

Help On The Way is a multicultural not-for-profit, human service
organization that offers a wide array of services to children,
individuals, and families with Intellectual and developmental
disabilities throughout New York City. 
Each day Help On The Way strives to help individuals overcome daily obstacles and achieve the independence necessary to live as independent as possible and be active members in their communities

We invite you to learn more. Search for the services that work for you. Find out about HOTW programs. Explore employment options here at HOTW. Become an advocate for Help On The Way. However you become involved, we welcome you to the Help On The Way’s family. Sincerely,

Theiborh Almanzar

President & Chief Executive Officer


— Our Mission

Our mission is to provide essential and high quality service to people with developmental disabilities.


— Our Vision

Our vision is to help individuals with developmental disabilities develop to their fullest potential and lead them to meaningful and enriched lives.


— Our Belives

We believe that each individual with developmental disability is entitled to the same respect and opportunities as all other members of society.