Help On The Way is committed to provide the highest standard in the service delivery to our clients. At Help On The Way, we believe that each person is entitled to a meaningful life and should be empowered to pursue his/her life goals and aspirations. We are devoted to helping all individuals live rich and full lives, and actively participate in their communities. Help On The Way provides an array of services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Persons served by Help On The Way include individuals with Intellectual Disability, neurological impairment and autistic spectrum disorders, as well as emotional and behavioral challenges and physical disabilities. Our professional staffs are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each individual and his/her family or caregiver.

Pre-Vocational Service

Our Pre-Vocational program prepares individuals for volunteer activities, job skills development and paid employment. Services include teaching concepts such as, attendance, task completion, problem solving and safety. Activities included in this category are not primarily directed at teaching specifics job skills, but are directed at underlying habilitative goals, such as increased attention span and improved motor skills.

Day Habilitation Services

Our Day Habilitation program offer adults with developmental disabilities a wide range of individualized and carefully planned day program experiences with a special focus on community-based volunteer and work experiences. Services are delivered according to the individual's preferences and choices. Our program strives to offer opportunities of community involvement through volunteer training programs and volunteer placements at different community organization and local businesses. We also offer activities for the promotion of an individual’s self esteem and overall well-being. In addition, we provide individuals with opportunities to engage in meaningful habilitative activities that are intended to enable, strengthen, and encourage individuals to reach their maximum potential. Special attention is given to aiding each individual in developing the skills and abilities necessary to achieve independence in the community. Habilitative activities include the development of skills in areas such as, but not limited to: independent travel, time management, money management, socialization, job readiness skills, household skills, community integration, and academic skills development.

Supportive Employment

Our Supportive Employment Programprovides guidance and support through the employment process from start to finish by assessing potential employees’ strengths, teaching individuals how to seek employment, and supporting them once they have secured a job. All of our activities are geared toward building self-confidence, creating opportunities for personal growth, and fostering independence. At our Supportive Employment program individuals are provided multiple avenues to prepare for and become successful in the workforce. These include: paid and unpaid internship programs; occupational training programs in specialized fields and daily job readiness programs to help enhance social skills and prepare individuals with developmental disabilities for supported work, as well as competitive employment.

Community Habilitation

The Community Habilitation program is primarily a skills training program designed to assist individuals and their families at home. The goal of the Community Habilitation program is to enable individuals to gain access to necessary services and support in their home and/ or in their communities. Our Community Habilitation program provides assistance to acquire, retain, or improve the skills needed to perform daily activities in the home or in the community. These activities might include independent travel, time management, money management, socialization, household skills, community integration, and academic skills development.